BREAKING: Severe thunderstorm warning in area

By Nathan Kraatz -

WILMINGTON — A severe thunderstorm warning is in effect part of Clinton County and other areas nearby, the National Weather Service posted Wednesday.

Winds up to 60 miles per hour are possible, the NWS’ website said.

The NWS website also listed the following precautionary actions:

  • Seek shelter in a sturdy building. Stay away from windows and doors until these storms have passed.
  • Tornadoes can develop suddenly in these conditions. Move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. If in a mobile home, a vehicle or outdoors, move to the closest substantial shelter.

The American Red Cross also lists these actions on their website:

  • Avoid electrical equipment and telephones. Use battery-powered TVs and radios instead.
  • Shutter windows and close outside doors securely. Keep away from windows.
  • Do not take a bath, shower or use plumbing.
  • If you are driving, try to safely exit the roadway and park. Stay in the vehicle and turn on the emergency flashers until the heavy rain ends. Avoid touching metal or other surfaces that conduct electricity in and outside the vehicle.
  • If you are outside and cannot reach a safe building, avoid high ground; water; tall, isolated trees; and metal objects such as fences or bleachers. Picnic shelters, dugouts and sheds are NOT safe.

Severe weather can be reported, when it is safe, to the NWS in Wilmington at and submitted by social media, the website said.

By Nathan Kraatz