EC shows its Quick Recall

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The East Clinton Quick Recall team recently opened their season by sweeping Greenfield McClain. The varsity was victorious with scores of 315-80 and 330-40 and the JV team won 310-120 and 220-140.

The quick recall team competes against other teams in the SCOL, answering questions provided by National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC (NAQT). Up to four players play at a time. Questions originate from a wide variety of topics such as English/Literature, math, science, art and pop culture.

The questions are read by the moderator and individuals have three seconds to buzz in to get the answer. Ten points are awarded for a correct answer unless the question is answered before a certain point, then a bonus, or “power”, is awarded and the team receives 15 points. If a member buzzes in before the question is finished and provides an incorrect answer, the team receives a five point penalty.

After an individual gets a question correct, three bonus questions worth ten points each are read. In the SCOL, two matches of 24 questions each are played in a night. There is a halftime and a timeout in each match in which players can be substituted.

Last year’s East Clinton quick recall team qualified for the Small School National Championship in Atlanta. This year players have set a goal to qualify again for the national tournament in Chicago. The quick recall team is coached by Mr. Jason Basford and the reader is Mrs. Sarah Melnek.

News Journal