Clinton County eateries inspected

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WILMINGTON — The following information is obtained from the Clinton County Health Department and is compiled from inspection reports.

Violations are either critical or non-critical. Critical violations are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness or an environmental health hazard, including inadequate cooking of food items or poor personal hygiene.

For a more detailed description of critical and non-critical violations, or to file a public health or food safety complaint about a restaurant, contact the Clinton County Health Department by calling 937-382-7221.

The following restaurants or food service establishments were inspected recently and violations/comments include:

• Subway (outside Wal-Mart), 2855-B SR 73 South, Wilmington, July 16. Follow-up. Four previous violations corrected. Thank you! Seal hanging down around fan in Continental freezer. Freezer with no name (?) has broken seal and ice build-up around bottom of door. Dumpster lids were open. Wall underneath prep sink and hand sink in kitchen is dirty.

• McDonald’s, 1272 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, July 18. Complaint — “Employee who put ‘ice cream’ back in ice cream machine” and “Employee working window with open sores.” Spoke with manager about both complaints. Ice cream to be wasted out if not consumed after serving. Employee covers any dermatitis-type problems with bandages and gloves.

Wall behind 3-compartment sink is dirty.

• Dairy Queen, 1093 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, July 18. Complaint — “Drink handed to customer by employee using two fingers inside cup.” Spoke with manager regarding handling of glasses/cups.

• J&D’s Market, 5205 SR 22 & 3, Wilmington, July 17. Follow-up. Five previous violations corrected. This facility has no employee who is manager certified. Class for manager certification is scheduled for next week. Wall under drive-thru window is dirty with splash/debris.

• The Corner Market, 10 Main St., Clarksville, July 17. Follow-up. One previous violation corrected. Thank you! Wall behind kitchen prep area is dirty. Trash on floor of walk-in cooler. Ceiling in front of beer cooler stained. Ceiling coming apart in walk-in freezer.

• Thousand Trails Canteen, 1786 SR 380, Wilmington, July 17. Everything looks good!

• Taco Bell, 1701 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, July 16. Follow-up. Four previous violations corrected. Thank you! Employee making food had facial hair with no beard net. There was black/pink residue on wall behind 3-compartment sink. Men’s restroom was backed up with water on floor.

• Happy Wok, 1655 Rombach Ave., Wilmington, July 16. Follow-up. Four previous violations corrected. Thank you! Critical: Several foods in walk-in cooler are not dated (onions, broccoli, roasted pork, etc.).

• Tin Cap, 59 W. Sugartree St., Wilmington, July 13. Manager and Person in Charge certifications in food protection unavailable. PIC completed a food safety training. Please apply with ODH to receive proper certificate. Shelf in kitchen (bottom) is not 6 inches above floor. Glasses have stickers and sticker residues on bottom. Wooden boards for tasting glasses are not sealed.

• Kirkwood, 5719 SR 73 West, Wilmington, July 10. critical: the following was found expired: Sloppy joe, June 29; chili, June 8; sour cream June 8; turkey, salami, pepperoni, Italian dressing, July 1.

Trash observed on ground/coming out of dumpster. Exit door of kitchen does not tightly close.

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