Young voters can make a difference

We live in a day and age where many of us do not know which news outlet to trust. This is sad. The 24-hour cable news, social media, and partisanship are a few of the contributing factors. This is sad.

No, it’s about party now. It’s no longer about what a candidate personally brings to the table, and it’s longer about compromise or bipartisanship (words that we do not hear enough). With all these factors involved, are we discouraging youth from participating in the greatest honor of being an American — voting?

Young voters, I urge you to contribute to what makes America the greatest and most free democracy on Earth — voting. This message is not just about Clinton County (my home),it’s about youth voting across the entire United States. There is not a more accomplished feeling than waking up on election day after doing research the past few weeks (or longer) and driving to the polls to let your voice be heard at the ballot box.

I encourage you to research everything on the ballot from county judge to President of the United States. There is no telling if one day you may be standing in front of the judge you voted for, so research thoroughly and become the best-informed voter you can. I encourage you, the youth, to stop in to your local Board of Elections or visit their website and become a registered voter. You have 30 days to be registered prior to election day!

Reilly Hopkins

Blanchester councilmember