Robbery case heads to grand jury; injured clerk tells court he received 14 staples/stitches

By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON — An aggravated robbery case will now go before a grand jury.

Clinton County Municipal County Judge Mike Daugherty found probable cause for the case against Jason Reeder, 42, of Wilmington, on Thursday.

Reeder is accused of robbing the Hidden Carryout & Drive-Thru on West Main Street and assaulting the cashier, Carl Butts, 63, on Monday, Dec. 2.

According to authorities, the suspect took an undisclosed amount of cash and lottery tickets.

Butts took the witness stand in court where he testified he saw Reeder come into the store concealing his face and demanding money.

“I was talking on my cell phone, looking out the window, I saw this guy walk in,” said Butts. “It looked like he was wearing a ski mask or toboggan, and like a scarf wrapped around him. He just walked up and said, ‘I want your money’.”

He didn’t think the suspect was serious, thinking he was there to get beer.

“Next thing I knew I was on the floor,” he said.

The injuries resulted in Butts getting five stitches and nine staples in his head, he said.

Although the suspect had his face covered, Butts said was able to identify Reeder due to his voice, which Butts described as “low and soft.” Butts also said Reeder came to the store frequently to play the lottery.

Wilmington Police Det. Codey Juillerat, who investigated the crime, testified that while reviewing security footage he saw Reeder strike Butts several times in the head.

Wilmington police investigated the incident, identified Reeder as a suspect, and on Dec. 5, the Wilmington Police-Clinton County Sheriff’s Joint SWAT team served a search warrant and arrested Reeder at his home, an apartment on South Mulberry Street in Wilmington.

Police said they seized evidence including lottery tickets as well as bloody clothing that was sent to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for analysis. Reeder had apparently tried to cash in one of the stolen lottery tickets less than two hours after the incident, police said.

Bond was set at $50,000 and Reeder was remanded to the Clinton County Jail.

By John Hamilton