5 local issues, competitive GOP recorder race set for March Primary ballot

By Tom Barr - tbarr@wnewsj.com





Several issues and one competitive local race are set for the March 17 Primary election as three well-known citizens active in the community — Kelly Hopkins, Jonathan McKay and Tanya Snarr, all Republicans — will run for the office of Clinton County recorder to fill the seat currently held by Brenda Huff, who will not seek another term.

The deadline for partisan candidates to file declarations of candidacy was 4 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 18 — 90 days before the presidential primary election.

No Democrats filed for Clinton County races.

Early in-person voting at the Clinton County Board of Elections at 111 S. Nelson Ave. Entrance B, Wilmington begins Feb. 19.

Issues set

Issues filed for the primary election are:

• City of Wilmington Municipal Income Tax, “0.5-percent levy on income for the purpose of extension of municipal services and facilities, capital improvements, maintenance, equipment, and general municipal operations of the City of Wilmington, for a continuing period of time, commencing in 2022.”

• Clinton-Warren Joint Fire & Rescue Tax Levy, “A replacement of 4 mills of an existing levy and an increase of 2.5 mills, to constitute a tax for the benefit of the Clinton-Warren Joint Fire & Rescue District, Counties of Clinton and Warren, for the purpose of fire protection and emergency medical services at a rate not exceeding 6.5 mills for each one dollar of valuation.”

• Adams East Fire District Tax Levy, “A replacement of 4 mills of an existing levy and an increase of 2.5 mills, to constitute a tax for the benefit of the Adams East Fire District for the purpose of fire protection at a rate not exceeding 6.5 mills for each one dollar of valuation.”

• Clark Township Tax Levy, “An additional tax for the benefit of Clark Township (including the Village of Martinsville) for the purpose of providing ambulance service or emergency medical services or both at a rate not exceeding 3 mills for each one dollar of valuation.”

• Vernon Township Tax Levy, “A renewal of a tax for the benefit of Vernon Township (including the Village of Clarksville) for the purpose of maintaining and operating cemeteries at a rate not exceeding 0.5 mill for each one dollar of valuation.”

Recorder duties

The county recorder’s office contains the “Official Land Records” for the entire county. The office currently has two employees in addition to the recorder.

According to a recent column written by the recorder’s office for the News Journal during the walk-up to the 100th anniversary of the Clinton County Courthouse, the county recorder “maintains permanent public records in perpetuity. Examples of recorded documents include deeds, mortgages, easements, agreements, affidavits, mechanics liens, subdivision plats and surveys, leases, power of attorney, federal tax liens, military discharges, and assorted miscellaneous documents. These instruments are recorded and indexed for giving legal public notice of their existence, for safekeeping and future reference.

“By state statute, the county recorder maintains and preserves all legal documents affecting the title to real property. These records are the legal basis for determining ownership of the real property. The county recorder furnishes ‘Official Copies’ of any record or instrument when required by law, ordered by the court, or requested by any party. All documents are public records except for military discharge records.

“The county recorder enforces more than 1,200 sections of state law in the Ohio Revised Code. The customers are the general public, attorneys, land title examiners, banks, genealogists, historians, and real estate professionals.”

More filings

Other candidates’ petitions filed with the Clinton County Board of Elections include these Republican incumbents for county offices (all 4-year terms unless noted):

Commissioner: Brenda Woods; Kerry Steed

Prosecutor: Richard Moyer

Clerk of Common Pleas: Cynthia Bailey

Sheriff: Ralph Fizer Jr.

Treasurer: Jason Walt

Engineer: Jeff Linkous

Coroner: Ronald Seaman

Judge, Court of Common Pleas Probate/Juvenile Division (6-year term): Chad Carey.

Also, State Rep. Shane Wilkin (R-91st District) announced he has filed for re-election.





By Tom Barr