New Life Clinic program just for dads

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WILMINGTON — Starting in January, the New Life Clinic will begin the start of the Dadz Initiative with Dave Hinman, Pastor of Dove Church, as the director.

“Being a good dad isn’t easy. The stresses of life are challenging and often a man needs help keeping his kids a priority,” said Hinman. “The Dadz Initiative equips fathers to be the role model their children respect and look up to.”

This program is open to any dad, whether they are a soon-to-be dad or a seasoned father. Men can consult with Hinman personally and get support in many ways, including meeting other fathers.

Part of the initiative offers online curriculum for parental education.

“I want to help young dads understand the great value and positive influence they can have with their children,” he said.

New Life Clinic’s Executive Director, Sherry Weller, is excited to collaborate with Hinman. “This partnership allows us to more formally serve the male clients who come to us for assistance,” she said.

The New Life Clinic is a non-profit pregnancy and parenting resource center serving clients in the areas of pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STI testing, abortion information, post-abortion counseling, birth control information, options counseling, parenting classes, as well as a maternity and baby boutique.

Anyone interested in learning more, or registering for the Initiative, can call 937-382-2424 or go to

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