‘Democracy on the Dock’ talks set

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Clinton County A.C.T. (Alliance for Compassion and Truth) will sponsor a three-part series of discussions, “Democracy on the Dock,” starting Saturday, Jan. 11, as part of its ongoing “Conversations that Count” programs.

The initial session, “Civics 101, Democracy in Three Branches,” will focus on the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, as established in the first three articles of the U.S. Constitution.

Subsequent sessions will be “Democracy, a 21st Century Vision” and “Vision in Action.” Open to the public, each of the 10:15-11:45 Saturday morning discussions will be at the Wilmington Public Library.

Participants are encouraged, but not required, to attend the entire series. The Constitution can be downloaded from a number of websites, including www.constitutioncenter.org, and on various mobile phone apps. A limited number of pocket Constitutions will be available.

Clinton County ACT is a women-led, nonpartisan group committed to compassion and truth as fundamental values of our American democracy. For more information, visit www.actclintoncounty.org.

Submitted article