Throwback Thursday: ‘Bit’ of Irwin history

News Journal

These are some highlights from the News Journal on January 9, 1970:

National headlines

• ‘4 US Soldiers Now Face Trials In My Lai Slayings’

“WASHINGTON (AP) — With four soldiers now charged, Army sources say it may take another three months to complete investigations of 22 other men suspected of involvement in the alleged massacre of Vietnamese civilians at My Lai.”

‘Judge Bars Diver’s Opinions At Inquest’

“EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AP) — Judge James A. Boyle refused to allow testimony that Mary Jo Kopechne might have been saved if Sen. Edward M. Kennedy had summoned help promptly, it has been learned. Skindiver John Farrar, who had expressed that opinion publicly, was permitted to testify only about his role in recovering Miss Kopechne’s body from Kennedy’s submerged car on Chappaquiddick Island last July 19.”


• ‘Clarksville Family Homeless Following $15,000 Blaze’

“CLARKSVILLE — An overheated coal furnace was blamed for the fire that destroyed the two-story farm home of Robert Bevan, Clarksville Route 1, Hadley Road, Thursday afternoon. Clarksville Fire Chief Raymond Setty estimated the loss at $15,000. All contents, including personal possessions, were lost when the 10-room structure burned to the ground. No one was in the house at the time of the fire.”

“Coach Jerry Miller’s Hurricane eighth grade basketball team continues to roll along undefeated. Their latest victim was Hillsboro Thursday night, 46-20.” … “Hurricaner Kippy Collins” led the ‘Cane with 14 points. Also chipping in with points were Ralph Harding with 11, Bill McClary with 6, Jeff Earley with 5 and Jim Swindler with 4.

Showing at the Murphy Theatre was “the hilarious black comedy” “Alice’s Restaurant” starring Arlo Guthrie.

Albers advertised chuck roast for 55 cents per pound and ground beef for 59 cents per pound. A one-pound package of Virginia Brand bacon was 69 cents.

“Saturday night is candlelight steak night at the L-K Restaurant” for $1.89 at I-71 and Ohio 73 seven miles west of Wilmington. County Historical Society

News Journal