Angels Awaiting report on past year

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The year 2019 was a good one for the Angels Awaiting Maternity Home Angel House, and The Halo.

We accomplished a lot and helped a lot of people.

We started a new program called Angel Hands; it was started to make good use of some of the donations we were given and not using because we have not had any residents as yet. The program is open to all pregnant women who need a little help in the way of clothing, baby items, hygiene products, groceries, medical expenses and more. We have assisted 13 women with this help.

We were in the office 178 days, and conducted 17 interviews for various volunteers including three home supervisors. We received 32 calls for help from individuals, agencies, churches, etc. We were able to help 19 and we referred 13 others for help from various agencies.

We conducted 94 fundraisers including bake sales, rummage sales, yard sales, and one auction. We received over 70 donations of items from individuals.

Margaret and Phil Seymour did some renovations on The Halo, and Modern Woodmen restocked our pantry for us.

Monetary donations were given to us by individuals, churches, organizations and businesses. A car show fundraiser was held for us by Angels and Halos. We were able to donate items to 15 other nonprofits including the homeless shelter, Special Olympics, Paralyzed Veterans and My Father’s Kitchen.

Please be in prayer for us as we take on 2020 and that we will be able to get home supervisors and begin taking residents into our home, and that we will be able to help even more pregnant women.

We can’t do it without your help. Thank you in advance, and Happy New Year.

Submitted article