Ohio at 6,975 confirmed coronavirus cases; Clinton County has had 17 total

By Tom Barr - tbarr@wnewsj.com

WILMINGTON — Clinton County’s number of coronavirus cases totals 17 — 13 confirmed cases and four probable ones. Those include four hospitalized and eight who have recovered, according to county officials Monday afternoon.


The State of Ohio reports — as of Monday’s update — 6,975 confirmed cases in Ohio, with 613 ICU admissions, 2.033 hospitalizations and 268 deaths.

At his daily briefing and via Twitter on Monday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said, “I hope everyone who celebrated had a good Easter yesterday. Thank you to all the religious institutions in Ohio that had services adhering to social distancing by using online options. Also, thanks to all of the families that also practiced social distancing over the holiday.”

Regarding when employees might return to work, DeWine said, “We have heard that some companies in Ohio are purchasing rapid anti-body tests to begin testing their staff and, in some cases, their customers. Anti-body testing is one piece to the puzzle on determining when employees can return to work.

“However, I wanted to caution all companies looking at this option to ensure they are only buying FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approved anti-body tests. Without this FDA Emergency Use Authorization approval, there is no way to know if the tests are valid.”

DeWine said the state has confirmed it’s first coronavirus-related death of a prison inmate, housed at Pickaway Correctional. “That inmate had a long-term chronic illness and was tested for COVID-19 before his death. The test results returned positive today.”

Regarding nursing homes, DeWine said, “I’ve asked (Ohio Dept. of Health Director) Dr. Acton to issue an order that will require long-term care facilities to notify residents and families within 24 hours of a resident or staff member becoming infected. OHo Dept. of Health had been strongly encouraging facilities to notify families before this. However, this is now required. Further, we will be providing a list of long-term care facilities where an associated individual has tested positive on our website.”


By Tom Barr