Throwback Thursday: Farmers and cows

News Journal

These are some highlights from the News Journal on April 30, :

National headlines

• ‘Allies Repel German Counterattacks’

“ALLIED HEADQUARTERS IN NORTH AFRICA (AP) — German troops, fighting desperately to hold the British First Army from the plain leading to Tunis, launched several new counterattacks with tanks and infantry in the Medjez-Al-Bab area yesterday, but most of them were repulsed with heavy losses for the enemy, an Allied communique said today.”


• “All Clinton County restaurant owners must file lists of all their prices charged from April 4-10 with the War Price and Ration Board by Saturday noon.”

• Music pupils of Mrs Fred C. Mayer will present a recital at the music room of Wilmington High School with performances by Donald Williams, Emily Williams, Jack Macduff, Byron Dunn, Ann Egan, Jean Willett, Madgeann Cutner, Virginia Drake, Jane Haines, Shirley Conner, Patricia Feike, Marilyn Lane, Patricia Ann Edwards, Marilyn Wical, Patsy Lee Horney, Carolyn Robinson, Mary Garland, Marjorie Haidet, Betty Lou Parker, Robert Walker, Marilyn Minton and Alyce Albrecht.

• “BLANCHESTER — Mrs. Harry Hill, president of the Woman’s Club, was a most gracious hostess at her home” which included guests Mrs. Joe Vogel, Mrs. Glen Florea, Mrs. O.S. Ray, Mrs. Raymond Humphreys, Mrs. J.M. Hudson, Mrs. Ella McKinney, Mrs. J.H. Keller, Mrs. W.L. Nyswander, Mrs. James Long, Mrs. A.B. Martin, and Barbara and Shirley Naylor.

• Four Sabina Boy Scouts passed from Tenderfoot to Second Class Scouts: Joe Denehy, Barth Littleton, Jimmy Chance and Carl Senne.

• Cincinnati Reds pitcher “The New Jersey Dutchman” Johnny VanderMeer “is slated for early induction into the armed forces and seems determined to point his farewell to the National League in figures that will be remembered” as he pitched 29 innings in three games over eight days, allowing only two runs.

• Playing at the Lamax Theatre were Rosalind Russell and Fred MacMurray in “Flight for Freedom” and the Murphy Theatre was showing “John Steinbeck’s The Moon Is Down” starring Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Henry Travers and Lee J. Cobb. County Historical Society

News Journal