By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON — The following information comes from incident reports provided by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office. All those arrested are presumed innocent until possibly found guilty in court.

The sheriff’s office recently processed these reports:

• At 2:20 a.m. on May 18, deputies responded to a reported arson at State Route 350 East in Clark Township. According to the report, a full-size SUV — possibly a Chevy suburban — “exploded on fire after plates were removed” according to the report. Two white males were seen fleeing the scene. A 45-year-old Martinsville female was listed as the victim. The suspects were unknown to her.

• At 1:19 a.m. on May 20, deputies responded to a suspicious vehicle report at State Route 73 North in Clarksville. According to the report, a 45-year-old Clarksville male was found in possession of a loaded handgun while intoxicated on private property. The weapon was a .40-caliber handgun, and 12 .40-caliber bullets were also found. According to Clinton County Municipal Court records, the suspect was charged with allegedly having a weapon while intoxicated.

• At 10:50 p.m. on May 21, deputies responded to a residence on State Route 73 South in Green Township on a larceny report. A 36-year-old female reported she suspects an acquaintance of hers stole a black and white pitbull puppy.

• At 7:12 p.m. on May 21, deputies responded to a domestic dispute on Reeder Road in Vernon Township. Two subjects — a female and a male — advised they both had injuries. A vehicle was also listed as being damaged.

• On May 20, deputies responded to a Midland residence on the report of an unruly juvenile. A parent advised the child “had wrestled her to the ground.” The parent — a 47-year-old female — had apparent minor injuries according to the report.

• At 9:12 a.m. on May 22, deputies responded to a domestic dispute in Clarksville on State Route 350 West. A 41-year-old female resident was listed as the victim and as a parent of the victim. The light on top of a fence was listed as an item being damaged. No further details were listed.

• At 6 p.m. on May 21, deputies received a report of vehicles being stolen from a Collett Road residence near Waynesville. The report lists a white 1985 white Jeep Wrangler (no doors, no top) and a blue Yamaha Wolverine four-wheeler as removed from a 36-year-old Wilmington male’s property. They were removed between April 15 and the report date.

By John Hamilton