Six and Twenty Club ‘Zooms’ forward

Local group active for 122 years

Submitted article

The Six and Twenty Club continues to thrive despite the unprecedented times of the last several months.

Founded in October 1898, the club has continued through many tragic and tumultuous national and world events throughout its history.

This time is no different. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives and the club’s biweekly meeting schedule. However, the determined members of Six and Twenty are meeting virtually to stay in touch.

President Mindy Henson convened our first-ever meeting using Zoom on April 3, 2020. Though new technology for most, members in “attendance” have been learning and adapting to this medium and were thrilled to see and hear each other by means of our computers, iPads, and phones.

Mrs. Theresa Rembert has done a masterful job of being our Zoom coordinator and hostess. Members also “met” on May 1 and will Zoom again on June 12.

Zoom gatherings have become a wonderful and welcomed way to be present with each other while not meeting in person. Meaningful quotations during Roll Call are shared followed by individual “Current Events.”

Six and Twenty members have experienced the common disappointments of these times including postponed or cancelled special occasions such as weddings, graduations, and milestone birthdays. However, members have found creative ways to stay connected with family and friends including “window” and “car” visits and virtual platforms.

Home cleanup and improvement projects have been dominant tasks. There have been a variety of other projects accomplished during the stay-at-home time as well including organizing old pictures, recipes, and family keepsakes; artwork; and tending to flower beds and gardens. Updates on impacts and adaptations to member businesses, occupations, and volunteer work were also shared with the group.

Reading books, of course, continues to be a vital part of our lives, keeping members entertained as well as centered and comforted during difficult times.

Secretary Lorie MacDonald has continued to take minutes during our Zoom gatherings while managing her iPad at the same time – a new twist on secretarial duties.

These detailed minutes will serve as an important record of the circumstances under which the Six and Twenty Club continues to stay active and continue its long history during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local group active for 122 years

Submitted article