Parents, grandparent plead guilty, given jail time, fines and probation

By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON — A set of parents — and one of the grandparents of their children — were sentenced to jail time and fined.

On Friday in Clinton County Municipal Court, Judge Mike Daugherty sentenced Kyle Siau, 21, and his wife, Lisa Greene, 20, to a 90-day suspended jail sentence for each case, which will be served concurrently with mandatory probation.

Marsha Greene, 40, received a 90-day jail sentence for her counts of child endangerment and was remanded to the Clinton County Jail. The three were also fined $250 for each offense.

The three pleaded guilty to those charges in May.

They were each charged after police responded to a welfare check at their Sugartree Street residence around Christmas 2019.

According to the Wilmington Police Department report, authorities found the residence “was completely covered in filth, dirty clothes, trash/debris, and animal feces.” They also noted how cold it was inside — 45 degrees Fahrenheit — and there were several small electric heaters being used.

Two infants belonging to Lisa Greene and Siau — ages 1 and 3 —were located inside wearing only diapers and shivering, according to police.

“Words cannot describe the condition of this residence, nor the conditions of how these juveniles lived,” WPD Det. Scott Baker said in his report.

Authorities seized the two infants, and two teenage juveniles — Marsha Greene’s children ages 13 and 17— were removed from the residence. The two infants were placed in the custody of the state and the two teenagers are currently in foster care.

Daugherty said during the sentencing that the parents “failed (their children) profoundly.” But pointed out Marsha Greene was the “most culpable” in what happened.

“You’re teaching three generations of people to live in a way that is not acceptable in 21st century America,” said Daugherty.

Daugherty cited Marsha Greene’s previous child endangerment charges in his sentencing.

Lisa Greene and Siau also faced one count of animal cruelty. According to the police reports, two dogs were in the residence and had consumed human feces from a clogged toilet. These charges were filed in early January but were dismissed after their guilty plea.

Daugherty acknowledged the limitation the defendants might have from a financial standpoint. “But it costs nothing to clean your toilet. It costs nothing to clean the floor. It costs nothing to make your children have available, reasonably clean places to live. I’m not saying it has to be sparkling … I’m saying not like the horrible filth you had them in,” said Daugherty.

A review hearing will be conducted on Monday for Marsha Greene.

By John Hamilton

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574