Throwback Thursday: Up, up … and away?

News Journal

These are some highlights from the News Journal on July 2, 1975:

National headlines

• ‘New York City workers strike; garbage piles up’

“(AP) A Wildcat strike in response to sweeping budget slashes has left New York City streets lined with 30,000 tons of garbage. In Pennsylvania, a walkout by state employees had virtually halted most day-to-day functions of state government. Republican state legislators in Albany refused on Tuesday to give New York Mayor Abraham D. Beame new taxing powers for city coffers. He was forced to order the firing of 19,000 municipal employees, among them nearly 3,000 of the city 10,600 sanitation men.”

• ‘Gasoline price hikes not over’

“(AP) — The Federal Energy Administration warned that gas prices could rise this summer by as much as 5 cents per gallon from the current average of 56 cents per gallon.”


• Wilmington-Clinton County Bicentennial Ball Committee Chairman Kathy Clayton reported she received a call from the White House — it was the president’s secretary, who stated that President and Mrs. Ford would be unable to attend the event.

• Haines’ Town & Country Stores in Blanchester, Wilmington and Hillsboro advertised Adidas and Converse canvas and leather shoes for $4.47 and up.

• The Yani Club met at the Denver House including President Mrs. Robert Olinger and hostesses Mrs. Glenn Curtis and Mrs. Louis Lieurance.

• Six and Twenty Club met at the home of Mrs. Maynard McKay with program leader Mrs. Svend Peterson.

• Showing at the Murphy Theatre was Robert Redford in “The Great Waldo Pepper” and at the Wilmington Drive-In were John Wayne in “Brannigan” and Steve McQueen in “Cowboy Bonner.”

• Coming soon for live shows on the Kenley Players stage in Dayton were: Paul Lynde and Alice Ghostley in “Stop Thief, Stop”; Jack Jones in “She Loves Me”; and McLean Stevenson in Under the Yum Yum Tree.” County Historical Society

News Journal