Police reports: WPD probes wide variety of incidents

By John Hamilton - jhamilton@wnewsj.com

WILMINGTON — The following report is generated from incident reports provided by the Wilmington Police Department. All those charged/arrested are presumed innocent until possibly found guilty in court. Charges may be dropped or changed in court.

Wilmington police recently processed the following reports:

• A female subject was charged with alleged domestic violence after an incident around 12:54 a.m. on July 14 on Rombach Avenue. A male victim advised he went to a gas station on Rombach Avenue to pick up his kids and drop off his youngest to the suspect. The victim stated the suspect was possibly drunk and became argumentative with him. She reportedly hit him multiple times in the face. No visible marks were found on the face. He did feel that the suspect was attempting to cause physical harm.

• Two subjects from Dayton — a male and a female — were charged with alleged unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. At 1:53 a.m. on July 8, police were dispatched to a Brownberry Driver residence where a 33-year-old female victim advised the suspects took vehicles that were in her name, according to the report. She advised authorities she got into an physical altercation with one of them earlier in the day in Dayton. He had traveled to the residence to get items of his; she advised him not to take the vehicle but they were still taken. The suspects each took a vehicle. One was later located at the suspect’s residence and was towed.

• Police arrested a female subject for alleged disorderly conduct and obstructing official business at 1:45 p.m. on July 14. According to the report, police responded to an Elm Street residence on the report of a female subject lying in the yard. Police made contact with the victim who was unresponsive to the officer’s voice. The officer attempted to shake her and she did not respond still. The fire department was summoned to assist. The officer kept “yelling her name”, with the subject only opening up one eye. The report indicated she appeared under the influence. When emergency services arrived, the subject sat and up and was “heavily slurring her speech,” the report states. “She denied medical treatment but was clear that she could not take care of herself,” the report states. “She stated she was homeless.” She was advised to wait while the officer wrote a citation. As the officer filed it out, the subject began to walk away. She was ordered to come back but “she refused.” After being warned again, the subject was arrested and transported to the Clinton County Jail.

• At 9:42 p.m. on July 14, police responded to a petty theft report at the park on Fife Avenue. According to the report, the rear window of a vehicle had been shattered. The victim advised her purse and its contents had been stolen from the vehicle. Fingerprints had been collected at the scene.

• At 4:52 a.m. on July 8, police responded to a failure to stop after an accident around Fulton and North Wood Street. Police talked to witness who stated they saw a “light-skinned subject with short ‘dreads’” driving a vehicle that hit a parked car and the curb. The vehicle — a silver Buick — was seen leaving westbound to go north on North Wood Street. The vehicle was found on North Wood Street. According to the report, there was damage to the passenger side and the passenger side front wheel was “broken.” The owner advised it had been parked with the vehicle in it. She didn’t know who drove it and no one had permission to drive it.


By John Hamilton


Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574