Throwback Thursday: Eighth-grade grads

News Journal

These are some highlights from the News Journal on August 20, 1968:

National headlines

• ‘Ike Still on Critical List — Survival Chances ‘Guarded’’

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Army doctors reported today that former President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s prospects for survival are ‘guarded’ — meaning unpredictable — at this point.” Doctor’s said “the general’s condition remains critical even though there has been a favorable trend in the pattern of abnormal heart rhythm action which is the basic problem of this heart attack.” (Editor’s Note: Eisenhower would die on March 28, 1969.)

• ‘HHH-McCarthy Television Debate tentatively Slated’

“Washington (AP) — Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey and Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy, leading contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, will debate on national television Friday night if format and equal time problems can be solved.


• “Wilmington Lodge of Elks No. 797 has set Aug. 28 for the fall stag picnic at the 4-H Building at the Clinton County Fairgrounds.” Co-Chairmen are Exalted Ruler A.L. Souder and Alan March, and Herman Sievers is in charge of the meal.

• Tom Robertson is the 1968 Snow Hill Country Club champion with a 7-6 victory over Gary Vance.

• Showing at the Murphy Theatre was “The Green Berets” starring John Wayne. At the Wilmington Drive-In were Charlton Heston in “Planet of the Apes” and Raquel Welch in “Fantastic Voyage.”

• The Reds’ Fred Whitfield, filling in at first base for Lee May, cracked a three-run homer and a solo shot as the reds defeated the Pirates 8-3. Alex Johnson added three hits for the Reds while Tony Perez and Pete Rose tallied two each. Pitcher Gerry Arrigo notched the complete game win for the Reds. County Historical Society

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