Local man gets prison time for stabbing

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WILMINGTON — A local man, Corey Peck, was sentenced Friday to an indefinite prison term of 7 to 10 ½ years on a conviction for felonious assault with a deadly weapon following a jury trial last week for his stabbing of a Blanchester resident, according to a news release from Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney Andrew McCoy.

During the course of the two-day trial Dec. 10-11, the jury heard testimony presented from the victim, Blanchester Police officers, emergency medical personnel, third-party witnesses and Peck himself, McCoy stated.

“Those witnesses testified that on the night of September 20, 2020, Peck was searching the Village of Blanchester for his girlfriend and her young son who Peck referred to as his ‘wife’ and ‘son’, although Peck acknowledged the two had only been dating for three weeks,” McCoy said. “Upon finding her, the two argued loudly in the street when the victim passed by on his bicycle.

“Peck took the stand on his own behalf at trial, testifying that he and the victim exchanged words before he stabbed the victim in self-defense after he was first assaulted. His testimony was directly contradicted by multiple third-party witnesses, including one witness called by Peck’s attorney on behalf the defendant who testified the victim had passed Peck before Peck followed the victim and engaged him in a physical altercation from which Peck returned with a knife in hand,” McCoy stated. “The victim suffered multiple stab wounds requiring he be care flighted, including one wound to the arm nearly severing his bicep and one to his back-requiring emergency surgery. Blanchester Police and EMS rendered what may have been lifesaving medical treatment on scene.”

Peck had prior criminal record of arrests from the State of Tennessee, including charges of burglary, assaults and drugs, said McCoy.

Assistant prosecutors Mel Planas and Lauren Kitchen prosecuted the case at trial. Peck was defended by Clinton County Public Defender Alycia Bemmes.


News Journal