Community Action’s positive impacts

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Clinton County Community Action has been in operation since 1965 serving the low-income residents of Clinton County providing services to meet a multitude of needs.

Over the years, Community Action has operated a range of different programs with the following being a recap of what services were provided during 2020. Community Action has continued to provide these services during the COVID-19 crisis.

• The agency manages four senior housing projects – Blanchester Senior Villas, located on Madalyn Loftin Drive in Blanchester; Clinton Commons I, located on Commons Lane in Wilmington, Clinton Commons II, located on Jeanie Wilson Way, located in Wilmington and Community Commons on Community Drive, also located in Wilmington. In addition, the agency manages two family housing projects – Clinton Glen, located off Thorne Avenue and Wilmington Apartments located on Howard Street, both complexes are in Wilmington.

The properties combined consist of 262 apartments. In 2020 housing was provided to 409 individuals. The complexes are Tax Credit funded which is housing for individuals who make too much for subsidized housing but not enough for market rate housing.

• The food pantry served 847 boxes, assisting 1,637 individuals with food valuing $65,850.

• 63 Personal Care/Cleaning Boxes were distributed to the community.

• The agency distributed 144 Thanksgiving Meal Boxes.

• 22 gas cards were distributed to assist clients with medical transportation for appointments outside of Clinton County.

• The Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) weatherized 63 dwellings with an average value of over $7,947.16 materials installed.

• The Home Delivered Meals program delivered 53,323 meals across Clinton County, while 3, 586 meals were served to senior participants in the Congregate Meals program. In addition, 5,523 Passport meals were delivered.

• 1,703 rides were provided to seniors for a variety of needs such as medical appointments and grocery shopping.

• Other senior assistance programs include: 50 households received monthly food boxes providing food assistance to 55 individuals, 156.25 hours of wellness activities provided to senior participants, and 397 seniors were assisted with Supportive Services such as Medicare Part D/Medicaid applications and assisting with bill payments.

• Cleaning services were provided through the Homemaking Program to 163 different clients for 2020.

• Head Start provided high quality preschool to 112 children, including 14 children with disabilities (identified by the school district). 88 of the 112 children were eligible because their family income fell below 100% of the Federal poverty guidelines. 10 children were identified as homeless, 3 were in foster care and 13 were children who were living with someone other than their parents (Kinship Care). 68 children were enrolled in our 7.25 hour/4 days a week program, 34 children were enrolled in our 3.5 hour/4 days a week program attending either the morning or afternoon session.

• 3,548 applications were completed to assist families with their heating and cooling bills through the home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP), Winter Crisis Program (WCP), and Summer Crisis Program (SCP).

• At the end of 2020, the CARS Program had 11 current loans for a total amount of $59,603.10 with an outstanding balance of $33,581.44. During 2020 one individual was able to pay off their vehicle and obtain the title.

• In 2020, the Mobile Mammogram Unit saw 18 individuals.

• Through CARES Relief Funds, the agency assisted 114 households with rent, mortgage, sewer, and/or water, totaling $247,233.20.

For assistance, the agency can be reached at 937-382-8365.

Submitted article