BPD: Man charged with assault on officer

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BLANCHESTER — A local man was charged with assault on a peace officer after a recent incident.

On Tuesday morning, Feb. 9, Teresa Bowman of Orchard Circle called the police station and left a voicemail message saying she needed “help” at her residence.

“Luckily, an officer listened to that message within minutes of it being received,” stated Police Chief Scott Reinbolt in a news release. He added, “As always, residents needing police assistance should call the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center, not the police station. The Blanchester police station has not been staffed since 1994.”

Reinbolt said that BPD Ptl. Ian Courtney responded to the residence, walking a portion of the way due to the heavy snowfall the night before.

“Ms. Bowman reported that her son, Nick Jacobs, had arrived at her home and had spit on her windows and threatened to beat her dogs,” said Reinbolt. “She stated she believed him to be under the influence of a drug of abuse. She told the officer that Jacobs had fled just prior to his arrival.

“Ptl. Courtney was aware that Jacobs was wanted on a warrant issued by the Clinton County Common Pleas Court after he was found to be in violation of his terms of bond in a prior vandalism case. In that case, Jacobs was charged with vandalism after causing over $1,000 worth of damage to a police car over the summer. Jacobs has an extensive criminal record dating back to 2003,” stated Reinbolt.

Following tracks through the snow, Ptl. Courtney tracked Jacobs across Second Creek and encountered him on North Wright Street.

“After a brief foot chase, Ptl. Courtney attempted to place Jacobs under arrest. Jacobs kicked Ptl. Courtney, and a scuffle ensued. A back-up officer arrived, and Jacobs was placed under arrest but refused to move. He had to be carried to the cruiser, where he continued to struggle with officers and informed them that he intended to cause extensive damage to the cruiser once placed inside.”

Reinbolt said a bag of suspected methamphetamine was found in Jacobs’ possession. Jacobs was transported to the Blanchester police station where he was turned over to a Clinton County Sheriff’s deputy for transport to the county jail.

Later that morning Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney Andrew McCoy was briefed on the matter and prepared a charge of assault on a peace officer against Jacobs, said Reinbolt.


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