Blan schools offer dental sealants for elementary students

News Journal

Blanchester Local Schools will be partnering with the Ohio Department of Health through the CincySmiles organization to begin providing dental sealants to students. Blanchester students in second, third, sixth and seventh grades will be eligible to receive the sealants at no charge through the ODH grant funding.

“Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are applied to the chewing surface of the back teeth to help protect teeth from decay,” said District School Nurse, Linda Falgner. “The professional staff of CincySmiles will be on site at the Blanchester Middle School the week of April 11 and at Putman Elementary the week of April 18. Children will receive the sealants during a painless 10-15 minute visit during the school day.”

Any parent interested in their child participating in the sealant program needs to simply sign a parent consent form and return the form to the child’s school office. Consent forms will be sent home with students or parents can obtain a form on the School District’s website.

Blanchester parents are encouraged to call the School Nurse, Mrs. Falgner, at 937-783-3642 if they have questions about the sealant program.

News Journal