Dashcam shows close call between police car, bicyclists

BRUNSWICK, Ohio (AP) — Dashcam video captured a close call between two bicyclists and a police officer responding to an emergency call in Ohio.

Brunswick police on Thursday released the video on Facebook of the April 12 incident to remind people to be aware of their surroundings.

The video showed the officer rushing to a crash with multiple injuries with the police cruiser’s siren wailing. The video showed the officer had to hit the brakes as an adult and child tried to cross the intersection against the light.

The pair stopped and moved back as the officer swerved from them and continued on to the call.

The light’s sensor was activated giving the emergency vehicle the right of way and preventing the use of the crosswalk, police said.

“Please remember, if you are attempting to cross a street and hear sirens, check your surroundings before crossing,” Brunswick police said.