$2.6B construction budget helps Ohio schools, roads, parks

Online: www.ohiosenate.gov/legislation

COLUMBUS (AP) — School buildings, roads, bridges and parks all benefit under a $2.6 billion capital budget that’s being proposed in the Ohio Senate.

The construction spending plan gets its first hearing after introduction Tuesday. Some highlights:

• $650 million for repairs, renovations and maintenance at primary and secondary schools

• Over $428 million for Ohio’s 37 public colleges and universities, plus almost $56 million to the state university system

• $500 million to the Public Works Commission for local infrastructure projects, including up to $100 million for the Clean Ohio Fund that cleans up brownfields, conserves green space and preserves farmland

• $275 million for dams, parks, trails, waterways and wildlife

• Almost $100 million for health and human services

• $160 million for economic and cultural development

Online: www.ohiosenate.gov/legislation