4 juveniles arrested in death of youth, 16, slain on Cincinnati street

CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP) — Four juveniles have been arrested in the death of a teenager gunned down in a Cincinnati crosswalk earlier this summer, authorities said.

Galevon Beauchamp, 16, was shot while using the crosswalk near a retail store in Avondale June 21 and died three days later at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, authorities said.

Cincinnati police said four males — a 13-year-old, a 14-year-old, a 16-year-old and a 17-year old — were arrested earlier this week by the police homicide unit and fugitive apprehension squad.

A family friend previously said Beauchamp was crossing the road when a car crept up and someone inside shot him in the head.

“You know, he wasn’t doing anything wrong,” Rohveah Anderson told FOX19 after the shooting. “He wasn’t robbing anybody. He wasn’t trying to fight. He was trying to just get to his destination.”

Anderson said Beauchamp was like a nephew to him and he would miss the youth’s humor and passion to get ahead in life.

“He was a kid,” Anderson said. “He was looking forward to a job. He wasn’t able to get a work history. He wasn’t able to do anything, not even finish school. It’s horrible, every shape and form. We need justice.”