‘Before We Were Yours’ at Six and Twenty

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The September 24 meeting of the Six and Twenty Book Club was hosted by Mrs. Margie McMullen and held at the meticulous grounds of McCoy’s Catering Services. On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, Mrs. McMullen warmly greeted each member in the quaint, small room of the property.

Mrs. Beverly Drapalik, President, called the meeting to order, followed by the reading of the previous meeting’s minutes by Mrs. Sally Buchanan, Secretary. Historical minutes were then read by Mrs. Kathleen Bake.

The program for the afternoon was given by the newest member of the club Mrs. Bobbi Jo Schlaegel, which was inspired by the book “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate. The novel is based on the notorious scandal of Georgia Tan and the Tennessee Children’s Home Society orphanage in Memphis.

Mrs. Schlaegel provided the members a historical view of a dark part in America from 1920 to 1950 involving Georgia Tan, the director of the Memphis-based adoption organization that kidnapped and sold over 5,000 poor children to wealthy families all over the country. It was a topic that sparked discussion on how different times were then, and how far we’ve come in our views of adoption and the needs of children in the “system.”

Members also recalled memories of our own Clinton County Children’s Home located on us Hwy 68, where Faith Baptist Church stands now.

Before leaving, members were encouraged to take with them a beautiful bookmark, handmade from greeting cards by an acquaintance of Mrs. Blake.

A delicious, nutritious take home snack was provided to all by Mrs. McMullen.

Submitted article