Clinton County felony sentences handed down

By Nathan Kraatz -

WILMINGTON — This report is compiled from a criminal case disposition report provided by the Clinton County Clerk of Courts. The following cases were heard in Clinton County Common Pleas Court, presided over by Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck and his magistrates.

Listed below are a defendant’s name, age, their town of residence, the crime the defendant was found guilty of, the degree of felony and the terms of the sentence. Felonies are ranked from F1 (most serious) to F5 (least serious). Defendants found guilty also must pay court costs, but those amounts aren’t included in the disposition report.

Sentences already reported on are not included in this report.

The following people were sentenced in Clinton County Court of Common Pleas between April 25 and May 6:

• Brian Carter, 36, of Wilmington, trafficking in hashish (F5), sentenced two years community controls, driver’s license suspended six months, $1,939 forfeited to the Wilmington Police Department. Carter was also sentenced to a suspended six month jail sentence. A separate charge of trafficking in marijuana against Carter was dismissed.

• Diana Salyers, 64, of Blanchester, trafficking in drugs (F5), sentenced one year community controls, driver’s license suspended for six months, contraband forfeited, pay $80 restitution to the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office. Salyers was also sentenced to a suspended six-month jail sentence. Six separate charges of trafficking in drugs and a charge of aggravated trafficking in drugs against Salyers were dismissed.

• Scott Chaffin, 45, of New Vienna, two counts non-support of a dependent (F4), sentenced five years community controls. Chaffin was also sentenced to a suspended six-month jail sentence. A separate charge of non-support of a dependent against Chaffin was dismissed.

• Jessica Littler, 37, of Wilmington, aggravated possession of drugs (F5) and illegal assembly of chemicals for manufacture of drugs (F3), community controls revoked. Littler was sentenced to nine months prison with credit given for 76 days served.

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By Nathan Kraatz