Clinton County real estate sales

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This list of recent real estate transactions within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Cross Creek Haven LLC to McKinze L. White, 5961 Farmers Road in Clark Township, $139,900.

Craig Evan Holland to Matthew B. and Amber Danielle Smith, 126 Pyle Road in Adams Township, 1.9 acres, $334,900.

Zana Hagerman to Robert Van Trease and Katelynn Goecke, 128 Pansy Pike in Blanchester, $135,000.

Patricia A. and Richard Burkett to David Joseph and Katy Mae Hodges, 985 Pratt Road in Vernon Township, 5 acres, $210,000.

Joe Cordy to Matthew D. and Tammy M. Walker, 1352 Lebanon Road in Adams Township, 5.3 acres, $316,000.

Jason M. Rogers to Nathan Peck, 496 Nunn Avenue in Wilmington, $145,000.

Jon Nice to Timothy J. Ferguson, 60 South Orchard Circle in Blanchester, $12,500.

LT Land Development to Diana Montalvo and Catrina Rowley, 1420 Wayne Road in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $106,500.

David L. and Robyn L. Rose to Jessica R. Roberts, 47 Linkhart Drive in New Vienna, 0.3 acre, $140,000.

Tyler A. Johnson to Charles John Nicol, 414 Hawthorne Drive in Union Township, 0.9 acre, $270,000.

Michael T. Mahaffey ½ interest and Michelle L. Mahaffey ½ interest to Timothy Lee Erwin, 887 Old State Road and two Cowan Creek Road properties all in Vernon Township, total 22.3 acres, $150,000.

Timothy F. and Deanne T. Miller to Eric D. and Shania T. Miller, 722 George Road in Vernon Township, 29.4 acres, $440,000.

C. Ted Roush to Marian Lewis, two West Road properties both in Clark Township, 21.7 acres, $85,000.

Brandon Morgan and Amanda Piatt to Noah J. Kreitzer and Shawnte Nicole Morgan, 2292 Glady Road in Clark Township, 6.2 acres, $105,000.

Jonah A. Gilbert and Tonya A. Eavers to Tonya A. Eavers, 96 Bernard Road in New Vienna, 0.7 acre, $150,000.

Mary T. Camp to Ara Lee Brannon, 795 Mead Street in Wilmington, $90,000.

Clifton L. Sheppard to Jamie L. Jones, 966 State Route 124 in Clark Township, 4.8 acres, $273,000.

Brenda Statler Scholz and Patricia Statler Jacobs and Barbara Statler Holmes to Paul Holbrook, 575 Prairie Avenue and one more Prairie Road property both in Wilmington, 0.2 acre total, $107,000.

Joshua Peter and Katherine Joanne Englefield to Benjamin D. Matheney, 493 Mitchell Road in Union Township, 1.4 acres, $385,000.

Kay C. Conner to Andrew Neil and Jacqueline Darrell Stern, 634 Kathryn Drive in Wilmington, $225,000.

Norris Private Equity Investors LLC and Kevin O’Sullivan to Beverly Bryant Hensley, Hale Road in Adams Township, 1 acre, $50,000.

Susan M. Rasche to Whitney B. Moler, 149 West Truesdell Street in Wilmington, $134,900.

Lynda Jennett to Lisa Erwin, 120 High Street in Blanchester, $44,700.

Kathy McLees to CED Properties LLC, 175 East Washington Street and one more East Washington Street property both in Sabina, $26,000.

Delphus J. and Barbara J. Sturgill to Matthew S. and Lisa R. Sowder, 29 Reynolds Road in Marion Township, 3 acres, $375,000.

Johnny High Street LLC to James and Debra Hanner, 3532 Clarksville Road in Vernon Township, 2.5 acres, $330,000.

Helen Wilson to Express Housing Solutions LLC, 107 South Orchard Circle in Blanchester, $33,500.

Tami J. Kratochvil to Melissa L. Potter, 721 State Route 72 in Richland Township, 0.4 acre, $136,000.

Robert and Debra L. Ringer to Walter J. Peelle and Boone Homes LLC, 124 Second Street in Clarksville, $138,100.

James E. Allen III to Edward T. and Thelma I. Kathman, 448 Marlena Drive in Wilmington, $46,500.

Michael L. Davis to Trenton Thompson, 72 Cambo Place and one more Cambo Place property both in Wilmington, $85,000.

Steven Swartzel to Teresa Christenberry, 171½ Jackson Street in Sabina, $124,000.

Jeradi A. Cohen to Castillo Properties LLC, 77 Vine Street in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $143,000.

Marie Butts to Derrek L. Jones, 649 Mead Street in Wilmington, $112,300.

Charleen Zurface to Kristin Burke, 361 North Lincoln Street in Wilmington, $174,900.

Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Susan McCarty IRA to Michael A. Lombardi, 46 Lee Lane in Wilmington, $195,000.

G&L Development LLC to Gary Smith, 775 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 3.9 acres, $90,000.

G&L Development LLC to Sean Miller, 733 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 3.9 acres, $99,900.

G&L Development LLC to Ellis Custom Homes LLC, 141 Olivers Trail in Adams Township, 2.4 acres, $79,000.

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