‘Long-Term Power Outage’ surveys start in Clinton County

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The Clinton County EMA (Emergency Management Agency) has started collecting information to help create a “Long-Term Power Outage” playbook to be incorporated into the Clinton County Emergency Operations Plan.

The EMA is seeking survey participation of local governments and the business community. Assistance from them will help to obtain a snapshot of local governments and the business community for operating under a wide-scale power outage.

The survey feedback will be critical for creating a collection of options for community sustainment, stated the Clinton County EMA.

The information collected will help formulate the basis for a focused workshop to establish a draft playbook that would in turn be used as the starting point for a tabletop exercise titled “Dark Sky”.

For background, what would you do if Clinton County was without power for up to 30 days? Once you get past the notion whether it is really possible and focus on the question, you may find yourself with a lot of other questions — namely, where to start? So the intent of the survey effort is to create the “Long-Term Power Outage” playbook.

The Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce is helping to get the word out to the business community and local governments that their assistance in taking a nine-question multiple choice survey will help immensely.

EMA will conduct a series of surveys with key sectors associated with community lifelines for Clinton County. The effort began in March and will take several months to complete.

Some surveys will be in person (due to size and breadth of data) and others may be via a secure link survey.

When completed, the goal is to have options for: safety and security (demands for increased emergency services); food, water, and shelter (water/wastewater service disruptions, sheltering, cooling/heating, agricultural considerations); health and medical (medical care, equipment failure, supply chain failure, mortuary system); energy (power grid restoration, fuel supply management); communications (alternative methods for alerts, warnings, messages, and in/out of county communications); transportation (traffic management/disruptions, aviation management, rail disruptions); hazardous materials (response and mitigation of HazMat incidents); and public information (information dissemination among jurisdictions).

For questions about the effort to do a “Long-Term Power Outage” playbook, contact Clinton County EMA at 937-382-6673.


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