East Clinton hosts spring FFA banquet

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East Clinton FFA members gather for the 2022 Spring Banquet.

East Clinton FFA members gather for the 2022 Spring Banquet.

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The East Clinton Great Oaks FFA chapter hosted its annual end of the year banquet lat Thursday, at which awards were presented and the installation of new officers took place.

With over 300 people in attendance, the members, guests, and other attendees enjoyed a nice dinner before proceeding with the ceremony.

At the end of the banquet, the newly elected officers were announced and installed for the 2022-2023 school year: Teddy Murphy, Timmi Mahanes, Payton Spurlock, Dylan Arnold, Sydney Beiting, Makayla Thomason, Kale Boeckmann, Anna Lopez, Cooper Rack, Gretchen Boggs, and Madi Frazer.

We also announced and recognized several “honorary members” for the amount of time, service, and effort that they put in behind the scenes to make sure our program runs smoothly and efficiently. They are Andrew Bond, Tim and Dawn Bosier, and Michael Adams. All deserve our utmost respect for their hard work and contributions to our program.

Each year, several of our officers have to submit books to be ranked by the state for the year. All three of our officer books ranked gold in the state including Teddy Murphy’s reporter book, Jenna Stanley’s treasurer book, and Lydia Kessler’s secretary book.

In each grade and degree level, we have students who go above and beyond to help reach the goals of of our chapter for the year. Many of these students received awards at the banquet for these accomplishments: Freshmen, Sydney Beiting and Owen Roberts; sophomores, Dylan Arnold and Anna Lopez; juniors, Timmi Mahanes and Teddy Murphy; and seniors, Katie Carey, Jenna Stanley, Lydia Kessler, Mitchell Bean, Brody Fisher, and Zach Vest.

Throughout this year, we have had many opportunities to compete and advance our knowledge and skills in our career and leadership development events. We competed in many competitions including soils, job interview, food science, parli pro, ag communications and sales, speaking, and judging.

We had two teams place in state finals including our novice parliamentary procedure team which earned fifth place in state, as well as our dairy team whose members competed at the state level and have now moved on to the state finals. The dairy team is also ranked second in the Hoard’s dairyman contest.

All of the teams mentioned and several more teams and individuals were honored on stage at the banquet for their hard work and dedication to our chapters’ accomplishments.

There were also many students recognized at our banquet for their outstanding work on their SAE projects. District proficiency placers included Mitchell Bean, Max Crowe, Maggie Matthews, Madi Frazer, Liz Schiff, Kale Boeckmann, Jordan Collom, Jenna Stanley, Hayden Beiting, Gretchen Boggs, Evan Stewart, Dylan Arnold, Dakota Collom, Carter Carey, Brody Fisher, Anna Malone, Emma Riddle, and Aaron Rolfe.

We had several people become state finalists in their proficiency areas as well including Mitchell Bean, Madi Frazer, Kale Boeckmann, Gretchen Boggs, Evan Stewart, Dylan Arnold, Carter Carey, and Anna Malone.

We had two state officers in attendance on Thursday including State FFA secretary Aubrey Schwartz and Ohio state FFA reporter Dawson Osborn. Dawson was our guest speaker for the banquet.

Sydney Beiting also presented the creed and many seniors and their parents came up to speak about their time in our program.

Quite a few students and recent graduates from East Clinton received the American and State FFA degrees and got recognized on Thursday. Both degrees require an extreme amount of hard work and dedication to obtain.

Members who got their State FFA degrees include Gretchen Boggs, Connor Fisher, Dakota Collom, Gavin Denniston, Miranda Pierson, Teddy Murphy, Cooper Rack, Erynn Cluely, Sydney Bosier, and Timmi Mahanes.

Members who obtained the highest degree in FFA, which is the American degree include Maggie Mathews, Carter Carey, Alexis Rolfe, and Holly Bernard.

Our FFA members would like to once again say thank you to our communities and families for their continued support throughout this year and for the help we have received in preparation for the banquet.

East Clinton FFA members gather for the 2022 Spring Banquet.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2022/04/web1_dairy-22.jpgEast Clinton FFA members gather for the 2022 Spring Banquet. Submitted photo

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