Clinton County’s May marriages

By Nathan Kraatz -

WILMINGTON — The following is a marriage report from the Clinton County Probate Court. It includes the names of those married, their residences, ages and occupations.

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The following people applied for and received a marriage license in May:

• Adam Pegan, 21, a customer account assistant, and Julia Baker, 28, a loan processor, both of New Vienna.

• Thomas Matz, 51, an electrician, and Carmen Villamarin, 42, a sales employee, both of Clarksville.

• Rusvel Ortiz, 25, a sanitation employee, and Marlana Coleman, 28, both of Wilmington.

• Luke Klaue, 36, and Darleen Ellis, 38, a server, both of Wilmington.

• Jacob McClain, 22, a truck driver, and Kristen Swallen, 20, a client support agent, both of Sabina.

• Conor Boland, 30, an accountant, and Shelbi Ianson, 23, a retail manager, both of Wilmington.

• Jesse Prye, 26, a mechanic, and Desire Moore, 25, a secretary, both of Sabina.

• Ronald Piercy, 47, of Blanchester, a machinist, and Elizabeth Milligan, 41, of Centerville, a daycare teacher.

• Uriah Rowe, 33, an engineer, and Terin Howard, 36, a registered nurse, both of Sabina.

• Christie Zarate, 35, of Richmond, Michigan, an emergency dispatcher, and Cherokee Stout, 34, of Wilmington.

• Jonathan Craig, 24, of Aberdeen, an agriculture employee, and Amber Thompson, 21, of Wilmington, an agriculture employee.

• Nicholas McCord, 25, an HVAC service technician, and Leigha Vinup, 24, a quality assurance inspector, both of Sabina.

• Brock Biederman, 39, a manufacturing employee, and Christina Lemaster, 35, a receptionist, both of Clarksville.

• Tonya Vandermark, 54, a factory worker, and Kristina Yount, 53, an extruder, both of Blanchester.

• James Tolin, 69, and Alicia Holt, 41, both of Wilmington.

• Matthew Keaton, 24, an IT administrator, and Brittani Hopkins, 24, both of Wilmington.

• Christopher White, 24, of Wilmington, a general contractor, and Kayla Rolph, 28, a billing clerk, of Martinsville.

• Dylan Inlow, 21, a CCPI, and Charlie Kirk, 19, a cashier, both of Sabina.

• Adam Shultz, 35, a teacher, and Megan Stern, 31, a billing clerk, both of Wilmington.

• Nathan Kraatz, 25, a reporter, and Elizabeth Habermehl, 25, a safety professional, both of Wilmington.

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By Nathan Kraatz