Fifth update: Scanner traffic: OSHP stops suspect on I-71 near Wilmington, is in custody

News Journal staff

WILMINGTON —A driver was safely apprehended after a pursuit on southbound I-71 that began just after noon on Tuesday.

The News Journal was following the incident listening to reports as police scanner traffic between Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers and dispatchers indicated troopers were in pursuit of a Russian national after a reported road rage incident.

Reports also indicated that he may have one to two AR-15s in his possession as well as a pistol, and he may have threatened “suicide by cop.”

Stop sticks were eventually deployed by the OSHP.

At 1:15 p.m., scanner traffic indicated the driver had just passed a Wilmington exit southbound on I-71.

A few minutes later a trooper reported the driver was around the SR 73 exit, and at 1:19 p.m. “the right front [tire] just came off” the suspect’s vehicle.

At 1:26 p.m. a trooper reported the suspect had both hands up while in his car but one hand could not be seen. At 1:49 a trooper reported that the suspect was in custody and being transported to a hospital.

Traffic was backed up around I-71 and SR 73 due to the incident.

No further details nor confirmation of events by the OSHP are currently available. We will update this story as soon as we know more.

News Journal staff