Escaped Warren County bull put down

News Journal

An escaped bull was located and put down by police after it had been on the run for nearly three-and-a-half weeks.

In mid-June the Clearcreek Township Division of Police reported that a bull had escaped from his pen at the Fox Hollow Ranch at 1909 E. State Route 73 in Warren County.

According to a press release Friday from Clearcreek Township Police Sgt. Wallace Stacy, a team made up of ranch employees and volunteers have attempted to locate and recover the bull.

“Clearcreek police officers were able to obtain a dart rifle and tranquilizer darts to attempt to capture the bull alive, but were never able to get close enough to the animal to tranquilize it,” Stacy wrote. “After almost a week of no sightings, the bull resurfaced again over the Fourth of July weekend. The animal had moved southwest and was seen in the area of Lower Springboro and Bunnell Hill roads.

“In three of the sightings over the weekend, the bull was observed near or in area roads. We also received reports that the bull had almost been struck by vehicles, on a couple of occasions, therefore posing a risk to public safety. Due to the risk to motorists and since other methods had failed to that point, approval was given to euthanize the animal if other methods were unavailable to keep it from endangering any others.

“On Thursday night, July 7th at approximately 9:30 p.m. two Clearcreek officers located the bull in a field just southwest of the intersection of Bunnell Hill Road and Lower Springboro Road. To prevent further public safety concerns and by order of the Chief of Police, the bull was put down.”

News Journal