Clinton County real estate purchases

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This list of recent real estate purchases within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

David L. Jump ½ interest and Connie Sue Holmes ½ interest to Drew Newport, 358 Nauvoo Road in Vernon Township, 2.6 acres, $40,000.

Brent A. Fessler and Rebecca Lee Davidson to Venture Real Estate Group LLC, 108 South Jackson Street in Sabina, 0.4 acre, $4,000.

Christian X. Stevenson to Mike Cook, 1177 Fayetteville Road and one other Fayetteville Road property both in Marion Township, 6.9 acres total, $350,000.

Jo S. Rolfe to Edward and Barbara Cobb, 143 and 155 Harmony Lane in Sabina, $210,000.

Cross Creek Haven LLC to Caitlynn Warner, 5887 Farmers Road in Clark Township, $146,000.

Karlena A. Collins to Caylee J. Collins, 4375 South State Route 134 in Washington Township, 2.3 acres, $114,000.

Jayne Ann Keys ½ interest and Janet Lee Hansen ½ interest to LJKJ Rome Hilliard LLC, a Hackney Road property in Chester Township, 105.2 acres, $710,000.

Jeffrey A. Fowler to Daron Mathew Williams and Carrie Belles, 5803 New Burlington Road and one other New Burlington Road property both in Chester Township, 1.7 acres total, $315,000.

Donald E. Ison II and Kim D. Ison to Steven L. and Carletta M. Garringer, a State Route 72 property in Richland Township, 5.1 acres, $49,000.

Janet Matrka to Jane E. Donahue and Susan J. Donahue and Shawn Patterson, 2506 Wayne Road in Union Township, 0.9 acre, $335,000.

Gregory Scott Jones to Sara and Randy Fite, 139 First Street in Clarksville, 0.1 acre, $53,000.

DSH & Sons Properties LLC to Gary N. and Kim Kahlhamer, 1343 Country Oaks Lane in Wilmington, $229,000.

Robert Christopher Erickson to Timothy J. Smith Jr., 89 Main Street in Martinsville, $163,000.

Carol Davis and Denise Fraysier to Andrew Bond, a Regan Road property in Green Township, 27.3 acres, $235,000.

Kathleen L. Faux, Trustee to Robert H. Bevan Jr. and Cynthia A. Bevan, a Doster Road property in Adams Township, 105.5 acres, $1,088,200.

Crystal J. Patterson to Karen R. Case, 3693 Pansy Road in Vernon Township, 5 acres, $110,000.

Jeffrey and Debra Goldie to Steven Quick and Amy Johnson, 964 North South Street in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $152,000.

Larry Ray Smith III to Jared A. Willison and Emylee D. Patton, 116 Burroughs Street, 120 Burroughs Street, and one other Burroughs Street property all in Blanchester, 0.2 acre total, $169,000.

Franklin D. Griffith Sr. to Ernest John and Glenna D. Saffell, 729 Turner Road in Clark Township, 2.2 acres, $33,000.

Donald W. and Jennifer K. Stryker to Kenneth P. Stryker, Ronald W. Stryker, and Sandra S. Wingo, 191 Hiney Road and one other Hiney Road property both in Liberty Township, 2.2 acres total, $65,000.

DSH & Sons Properties LLC to Viviana Franco, three B Street properties in Wilmington, $10,500.

John J. George Jr. to William L. Neeley and Brynne A. Snyder, 7886 State Route 730 in Vernon Township, 2.2 acres, $179,000.

Diana Vick to Link and Darlyne Crawford, 619 Sycamore Road in Jefferson Township, 5 acres, $442,500.

James A. and Abbie L. Singleton to Robert C. and Emily N. Erickson, 5503 State Route 350 in Washington Township, 2.7 acres, $284,000.

Cooper J. Criswell to Debra Beckner and Thomas Ledford, 1133 Frazier Road in Jefferson Township, 3.9 acres, $249,900.

RSF Properties LLC to Lenny J. and Jessica R. Glaser, 5553 New Burlington Road in Chester Township, 6 acres, $102,600.

Rex E. and Jennifer Nystrom to Larry D. and Lella M. Hale, 422 Old State Road in Vernon Township, 3 acres, $380,000.

John Streber to Robert and Kaylee Miller, a Nordyke Road property in New Vienna, 4.3 acres, $45,000.

Jacqueline Timko to Red Rooster Renovation & Design LLC, 686 Prairie Avenue in Wilmington, $70,000.

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