11 found guilty in municipal court

By Nathan Kraatz - [email protected]

WILMINGTON — The following report is compiled using a disposition report provided by the Clinton County Municipal Court. The information includes the name of the defendant, age, location (if listed), charge disposed, fine, court costs assessed, jail sentence and any special conditions. Municipal Court Judge Mike Daugherty oversees the court, which handles misdemeanors, traffic cases and some civil cases. Only the criminal misdemeanors are included here.

The following pleaded guilty or were found guilty of crimes from Aug. 10 to Aug. 14:

Jarrod Mickle, 28, London, theft, sentenced 180 days jail, fined $1,000, assessed $100 court costs, must write letter of apology to victim, no contact with a business, subject to probation.

Justyn Runyon, 20, Wilmington, criminal damages and theft, sentenced 106 days jail (94 suspended), fined $850, assessed $200 court costs, supervised probation, no contact with a certain person, no contact with a certain business, write letter of apology, restitution pardoned. If compliant, $500 of fine will be suspended.

Austin Pollitt, 19, Blanchester, possession of a drug abuse instrument, sentenced 90 days jail, fined $750, assessed $100 court costs. If compliant with random testing and inpatient treatment, the remainder of jail and $650 of the fine will be suspended.

Ashley Maiga, 32, Dayton, possession of drug paraphernalia, fined $205, assessed $100 court costs.

Joshua Loud, 20, Clarksville, underage consumption, assessed $100 court costs. Sentencing stayed to allow Loud to complete a diversion program.

Shannon Fawley, 37, Hillsboro, theft, assessed $100 court costs, supervised probation, continue treatment, no contact with any branch of a certain business, write apology letters.

Greg Leininger, 35, Hillsboro, theft, sentencing stayed until October.

Jennifer Oakes, 45, Wilmington, trespassing, sentenced 10 days jail (suspended), fined $50, assessed $100 court costs, no similar offense, no contact with a business, unsupervised probation. A separate charge of trespassing against Oakes was dismissed.

Brandon Burkhart, 27, Blanchester, disorderly conduct, sentenced 30 days jail, fined $250, assessed $100 court costs. The charge was amended from a first-degree misdemeanor charge of assault.

Sean Osburn, 19, Lynchburg, possession of marijuana, fined $50, assessed $100 court costs.

Victor Reynolds, 51, Blanchester, domestic violence, sentencing stayed to allow defendant to complete diversion program.

The following had charges that were dismissed:

Kelly Clouser, 46, Washington Court House, theft; charge dismissed.

Andria Bingham, 27, Wilmington, theft; charge dismissed.

Kyler Whitt, 23, Wilmington, violation of a protection order; charge dismissed.

James Luke, 48, Sabina, theft; charge dismissed.

Paul Schwab, 33, Clarksville, receiving stolen property; charge dismissed.

Evan Clark, 19, Bellbrook, possession of marijuana; charge dismissed.

Christie McIntosh, 26, Midland, theft; charge dismissed.

Carla Teboe, 46, Wilmington, theft; charge dismissed.

Aaron Seese, 32, domestic violence; charge dismissed.

Shelby Elam, 23, Wilmington, theft; charge dismissed.

Jessica Kern, 24, Wilmington, possession of a dangerous drug; charge dismissed.

Also in the Clinton County Municipal Court:

Gordon Garland, 49, Martinsville, waived his preliminary hearing. Garland is charged with allegedly possessing a weapon after being indicted for or convicted of a drug-related felony. A cash surety bond was set at $25,000.

Stanley Conley, 33, Blanchester, waived his preliminary hearing. Conley allegedly abducted a woman, as previously reported by the Wilmington News Journal. A cash surety bond of $15,000 was set.

Dalton Garland, 23, Wilmington, was indicted for alleged felonious assault and transferred to Clinton County Common Pleas Court.

Jonathon Nungester, 39, Clarksville, was bound over to Clinton County Common Pleas and a cash surety bond of $2,500 was set on a domestic violence charge. A separate charge of domestic violence was dismissed upon motion by the defendant.

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By Nathan Kraatz

[email protected]