WGC working on Point Park

Volunteers are working hard to beautify Wilmington’s Point Park.

Wilmington Garden Club volunteers are working to rid the park of invasive weeds without using destructive chemicals.

Tires came off a semi-truck and did some damage to the gazebo.

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on at Point Park recently … for more than 11 years, Wilmington Garden Club members have dealt with bindweed, soapwort, and a particularly invasive grass that has plagued the east flower bed at Point Park. An experiment to rid the park of these weeds is in progress, as an alternative to using destructive chemicals or other tactics.

Susan Hunt, Candy Fenner, Terri Thobaben, Polly Countryman, Jennilou Grotevant and others began the experiment in late May. First they removed all plants from the east flower bed on the point – healthy and otherwise. Then, used carpet was cut and tacked down around the east bed; the carpet surrounds a large rock and the Point Park sign.

The result may resemble a Zen garden, but it is hoped the moist and dark area under the carpet will do away with, or significantly restrict the invasive plants that threaten the healthy plants. The carpet will stay in place until spring of 2016, when the Wilmington Garden Club will start fresh with a new planting design.

There are several Wilmington Garden Club members who meet once a week to tend the beds, plant, transplant, and keep Point Park a colorful refreshing spot to relax, or to enjoy as you drive by.

But recently two members experienced more than the usual gardening satisfaction in Point Park, when a semi-truck traveling past on West Main lost a set of dual tires. The tires rolled into Point Park, hit and split a holly bush, then took flight and bounced off the gazebo’s upper trim.

Terri Thobaben and Susan Hunt were in the garden at the time. Susan said it happened so fast, “it was a flash of black; neither of us could comprehend what it was!” At first she thought the top of the gazebo had fallen off. The police were called, and the driver of the truck returned to claim his tires and apologize for the unexpected loss and resulting damages.

Thankfully, no one was injured, and minor repairs to the park structures will be completed soon, reports the garden club.