BPD: Possible overdoses of father, son; 1 charged

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — A Clarksville man was charged after Blanchester Police say both he and his son may have overdosed on drugs.

In the late afternoon of Tuesday, Jan. 10, police were called to the Kroger store at 1001 E. Cherry St. after a manager at the store said a man was passed out at the store entrance. Officers found the man to be unresponsive, according to Police Chief Scott Reinbolt.

He said Blanchester Emergency Medical Service responded to the scene and revived the man, Larry D. Helton, 27, of Clarksville, with Narcan, then transported him to the hospital for the apparent drug overdose.

Witnesses were interviewed, who insisted the man was at the store alone, Reinbolt said.

However, about an hour later, police were again called to the Kroger store after a customer reportedly noticed a man passed out behind the wheel of a van in the parking lot.

Police reported they found the man to be unresponsive and identified him as Larry G. Helton, 61, of Clarksville,Reinbolt said. He said Blanchester Emergency Medical Service responded to the scene and transported the man to the hospital for an apparent drug overdose.

Reinbolt said officers determined that Larry D. Helton is the son of Larry G. Helton.

“Several witnesses were interviewed, and as a result of the evidence gathered, Larry G. Helton was charged with having physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of a drug of abuse,” Reinbolt said.

Reinbolt added that in March 2015 Larry G. Helton was found passed out in a vehicle in the S&S Drive Thru in Blanchester, but claimed to be suffering a diabetic episode.

Larry G. Helton will answer the charge in the Clinton County Municipal Court, Reinbolt said.

Reinbolt said he believed both men were treated and released from the hospital.

News Journal