Candidates lining up for Wilmington City Council

By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON — City Council member Mark McKay announced his intention to run for Council President at Monday night’s Clinton County Republican Central Committee meeting. McKay said that after 16 years of serving on council, this is the next logical step after he decided to not run for his at-large position on council.

“We’ve had a good council president with Randy Riley and we’ve got to have somebody who has had the experience to do the job in a manner that should be done,” said McKay. “When the president is lacking, then the work doesn’t really get done like it should be done, in an expeditious manner. You just have to make sure the meetings go smoothly and have things run in a matter that professionals expect, and have folks say what they want to say.”

This announcement comes after current Council President Randy Riley decided to not run after serving one term in that post. Riley said he encouraged McKay to run for the position.

“I’m delighted to hear he’s running,” Riley said. “He has his finger on the pulse of this city and he has served as a great president pro-temp for me.”

Also at the meeting other committee members announced their intention to run for city council positions in the May 2 primary election; deadline to file is Feb. 1.

Kristi Fickert said she will run for the 3rd Ward council seat. Fickert was previously a candidate to fill the council-at-large position vacated when Randi Milburn stepped down. Bill Liermann was appointed then.

Fickert is the granddaughter of former Clinton County Sheriff Ralph Fizer, Sr. She is currently vice president of marketing at a digital marketing agency and has lived in Wilmington all her life.

“I would love the opportunity to serve this community,” said Fickert.

She’s currently up against Democratic candidate Tyler Williams, who has filed to run for the 3rd Ward.

Carter Cockman made his bid for one of the three council-at-large positions on the ballot, along with incumbent council member Liermann.

Cockman stated that he has lived in Wilmington since he was he was 8. He was homeschooled and is currently studying chemical engineering at the University of Cincinnati and working on his first co-op rotation.

“My love for my community and my country is what made me decide to run,” said Cockman.

Incumbent council members Jonathan McKay, Matt Purkey and Lonnie Stuckert have also taken out petitions for reelection. McKay has taken out a petition along with Democratic candidate Angela Mitchell-Koster for the 1st Ward.

Paul Fear plans to run for reelection as city treasurer.

Also at the meeting, Pat Haley announced that he intends to run for re-election county commissioner in the 2018 election.

By John Hamilton

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574