Sheriff: You can join fight against crime

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CLINTON COUNTY — Sheriff Ralph D. Fizer has a way for all Clinton County citizens to help prevent crime.

Through community involvement with law enforcement, the sheriff’s office hopes to reduce the number of gun-related crimes, thefts, incidents of domestic violence, and drug abuse issues by working together to keep information flowing between our citizens and all local agencies.

“My office is committed to making our neighborhoods safer places to live,” Fizer said. “By doing so, we will improve the quality of life for individuals and families … both young and old. It is imperative that we seek progress to reduce the negative influences that crime has on our children and to help safeguard the elderly.

“I personally want to thank all of you who support the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, and want to share another program with you where you can help,” Fizer added.

The Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association Associate Membership Program is supported by citizens committed to making Ohio communities a safer place to live.

The membership program was formed to provide citizens with an opportunity to lend their support to more effective law enforcement and to help local law enforcement officers protect the lives and property of citizens. Through membership, citizens can help in a very practical way to make a real difference in impacting our communities.

The Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association will be mailing membership letters in Clinton County between March 13 and March 24. The mailing will explain the membership process, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact them at 1-800-589-2772 or at Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association, 1103 Schrock Road, Suite 401, Columbus, OH 43229.

“Please note that the association will not solicit for membership over the phone,” Fizer said. Should you receive a call asking for donations, do not respond or send money as it is a scam; please report it to the BSSA or call the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

“As the need for building stronger public-private law enforcement partnerships in this country continues to escalate, programs such as this continue to grow in importance,” said Fizer “I encourage everyone receiving a membership letter to consider joining forces with us by becoming an Associate Member. It is a valuable investment in the future.”


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