WPD Chief: It doesn’t pay to lie to police

By Duane Weyand - Police Chief - Wilmington

We have handled 296 calls for service with 19 arrests for the week.

We took in one sex crime and will have felony charges on a person for creating serious physical harm to very young child in the near future.

The most unique arrest we had during the week involved a lady who got pulled over for a traffic violation. When you get pulled over and plan on being deceptive you shouldn’t stop in your son’s driveway. You should probably give the officer your correct name and personal identifiers.

In this case, Shannon Armstrong, 48, of Wilmington got pulled over and told the officer a false name with a fake Social Security number and date of birth.

As the officer was trying to determine who she was, since none of the information matched, the son walked out and told the officer he had his mom pulled over. The officer, not knowing the house and the driver were connected, asked for his mom’s name and learned her true identity.

Needless to say, she had outstanding warrants, was driving under suspension, and received additional charges for lying.

Other arrests and their alleged crimes included: Andrew Ling, 19, of Wilmington for theft; Tyler Goodpastor, 20, of Wilmington for theft; Adam Watson, 33, of Wilmington for possession of a drug abuse instrument; Tuan Mai, 30, of Dayton for possession of a drug abuse instrument; and Phuong Thi-Kim Huynh, 26, of Centerville for operating a vehicle under the influence.

Over the week we had seven theft reports — one for a theft of a license plate, one for a bike, and the others are for items stolen from a resident where they allowed someone to stay with them for a period of time only to find out the person stole from them.

This is a growing trend and I can’t stress enough to people about the potential pitfalls for allowing people in your house when they have fallen on hard times.

We handled 16 calls where citizens reported suspicious activity.

Crash reports for the week were up and we have seen more calls for reckless driving for the week.

As spring-like weather comes and goes over the next few weeks we need to be mindful of motorcycles. People had several months of not seeing them out and about and need to start thinking about looking twice.

Duane Weyand is Wilmington Chief of Police.


By Duane Weyand

Police Chief