BPD: Suspect stole money from apartment complex manager’s office

News Journal

BLANCHESTER —Someone pried open the door of an apartment complex manager’s office and stole a jar used to collect money for residents in need, according to Blanchester police.

On Friday night police responded to a reported burglary of the manager’s office in the apartment complex at 901 E. Cherry St. Officers arrived and learned that someone had pried the door to the office open in order to get inside. The office door is off of a public lobby in the building.

“The burglar took a jar of change from inside the office,” said Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt. “The change jar is for donations to help needy residents in the apartment complex if there are things they need but cannot afford.

The crime scene was processed by Sgt. Gary Mowen; it is believed the office was broken into between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Friday.

Officers are actively working the case as of Monday morning, and are in the process of obtaining surveillance video from the apartment complex, Reinbolt said.

The jar containing the change is described as the large, plastic type commonly used on water coolers.

“We ask that anyone who finds such a container or anyone who might see one discarded in someone’s trash on Wednesday morning contact the police department,” Reinbolt said. “We are also asking anyone who hears anything about this crime that might identify the thief or locate the water bottle to call the police department.”


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