Dayton heroin trafficker gets three years

By Gary Huffenberger -



WILMINGTON — Guilty of trafficking in heroin and meth in Clinton County, a Dayton man has received a three-year prison sentence.

Raheem Goff, 24, was arrested last Dec. 10 in Wilmington in an operation involving Wilmington Police Detective Scott Baker and members of the Warren County Drug Task Force to intercept Goff “before anyone died from the substance he was selling,” an affidavit stated.

As the News Journal reported after a local grand jury indicted Goff, the results of a crime lab analysis indicate there were about 6.2 grams of a heroin/fentanyl mix, 12.8 grams of meth, and 1.5 grams of cocaine inside the vehicle occupied Dec. 10 by Goff and two others including a Dayton juvenile.

“Through our investigation, we believe he [Goff] was the source of supply for fentanyl,” said Baker in February. Fentanyl-laced heroin is especially dangerous, Baker said.

In the December affidavit, Baker stated, “Raheem has been trafficking in drugs in the Clinton County, Ohio area including New Vienna, Sabina and Wilmington.”

Goff’s criminal history, according to the affidavit, included prior arrests related to alleged robbery, felonious assault, discharging a firearm near prohibited premises, improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle, drug possession, tampering with evidence, and resisting arrest.

The three-year term of prison was recommended by both prosecution and defense counsel. Further, an assistant Clinton County prosecutor advised Clinton County Common Pleas Judge John W. “Tim” Rudduck that law enforcement officials were aware of, and approved of, the recommended sentence.

Rudduck granted time credit for 214 days Goff had served in the county jail on the case, starting on Dec. 10, 2016.

At other recent Clinton County felony sentencings:

• Andre O. Arrington (also known as Andre O. Singleton), 33, of Wilmington, saw his term of community controls revoked, and then was sentenced to 11 months of prison, with credit for 202 days already spent incarcerated in the case. The remainder of his term of incarceration will be spent in the Clinton County Jail. In separates cases, he was found guilty of theft from a person in a protected class, and trafficking marijuana.

• Tammy Jones, 38, of Wilmington, was sentenced to the Ohio Reformatory for Women prison for 18 months after getting convicted of burglary and of aggravated possession of drugs. She was credited for five days already spent in jail. She was ordered to pay $148 restitution to the burglary victim.

• Jordan M. Bart, 24, of Wilmington, received a six-month suspended jail term and was placed on community control sanctions for a two-year term after he was convicted of theft, a fifth-degree felony. He spent a couple days in jail on the case.

• Sandra Lee Hammond (also known as Sandra Caudill), 57, of Sabina, was put under community controls for a year for aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony. She was given a suspended six-month jail term.

• Jeremy Carlos Pack, 25, of Sabina, received a 17-month prison term after convictions for felony domestic violence and failing to appear in court as required. He got credit for 85 days already served in jail on the case.

• Steven L. Cochrane, 61, of Wilmington, received a suspended six-month jail term, with credit for 24 days served in jail. He was placed on one year of community controls. He was found guilty of possessing heroin.

• Timothy J. Williamson, 45, of Hillsboro, was convicted of heroin trafficking, and given a six-month suspended jail term, with credit for three days served in jail on the case. He will be on community controls for two years. The case was originally filed in January 2013.

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By Gary Huffenberger