Blan man charged with domestic violence

BLANCHESTER —A Blanchester man was arrested after police say he assaulted his live-in girlfriend and made threats toward her and others.

According to Blanchester Police Chief Scott Reinbolt, on Wednesday morning police received a phone call from the emergency room at Bethesda North Hospital stating that a Blanchester woman was there for treatment after being assaulted by her live-in boyfriend overnight.

Reinbolt said a Blanchester police officer drove to the hospital and interviewed the victim, who was “being treated for various injuries sustained in the assault.”

The man, who has a child in common with the victim, was identified as James Penwell, 34, of the 7400 block of Willow Drive, Blanchester, where he resides with his mother, the victim and their 2-year-old child, Reinbolt said.

“An investigation was opened and assigned to Cpl. James Beckelhymer,” said Reinbolt. “During the course of the investigation he learned that, during the early morning assault, Penwell made threats to shoot the victim and then himself, and that a portion of the assault occurred while his 2-year-old child was in bed with the victim.

“Beckelhymer also learned that Penwell has made past statements that he would shoot any police officer who enters his home, and other statements indicating a ‘sovereign citizen’ view of the government. Cpl. Beckelhymer also learned that Penwell has several firearms in the house, and has a prior conviction for menacing.”

Cpl. Beckelhymer learned that Penwell was working at a factory in Union Township in Clermont County.

“He obtained a warrant for Penwell’s arrest and sought the assistance of the Union Township Police to arrest Penwell at work in order to reduce the risk of harm to others,” said Reinbolt. “He was arrested without incident by the Union Township Police and was taken by Blanchester Police to the Clinton County Jail.

Penwell is charged with domestic violence and child endangering, both misdemeanor offenses. He will answer the charges in the Clinton County Municipal Court, said Reinbolt.

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