English Club: School memories and parks’ future

The Wilmington English Club met for their September meeting at the First Christian Church. The hostesses for the day were Susan Henry and Sharon Breckel.

The tables were decorated in primary colors of red, yellow and blue. The centerpieces were supplies that club members had brought to donate. Each lady received a large shiny apple at their table seat.

In the absence of President Jean Singleton, Susan Henry welcomed everyone and acknowledged September birthdays. Handmade gift boxes contained Friendship bracelets in the color of the birthstone for September. President Jean had made the gifts for the birthday recipients.

The new president’s theme for the year is Friendships.

Members who celebrated September birthdays were Barbara Vance, Avonelle Williams, Sue Miars, Barbara Ostermeir, Joyce Peters and Mildred Hoskins.

A blessing was offered and a delicious meal was served to the 16 members and one guest by McCoy Catering. Following the meal, Susan Henry introduced Mary Ann Raizk, who was the day’s speaker.

She told of her own grade school, high school and college experiences. Mrs. Raizk then went on to share memories of her 33 years of teaching.

Education has changed through the years and we each had a teacher that stood out in our educational journeys. Club members each shared their own school memories. We have gone from chalk to computers but our teachers still make the difference in education.

Mrs. Henry then conducted a brief business meeting. Members responded to roll call with the name of their best friend in school.

Next month’s meeting will be October 6 with Hostesses Helen Starkey and Anne Lynch. Members attending not previously mentioned were Donna Barnhart, Nancy Bernard, Daphne Blackburn, Joan Burge, Beverly Drapalik, Lois Hackney, Barbara Ostermeir, Joyce Peters, Judy Sargent, Connie Townsend, Avonelle Williams and Nancy Williams.

August meeting

The English Club met for their August meeting at the Wilmington First Christian Church. Shirley Katter and Sue Miars were hostesses for the day.

Tables were decorated with a Summer Harvest theme. Beautiful vegetables were displayed in unusual glassware. President Susan Henry celebrated Lois Hackneys birthday with a gift. Following the blessing, a delicious lunch was served by McCoy Catering.

Sue Miars introduced the afternoon speaker, Jermaine Isaac. Mr. Isaac was recently appointed Wilmington Parks Director following the retirement of Lori Williams.

He stated that he knew he had some “very big shoes” to fill. Mrs. Williams had done an excellent job in her tenure as Park Director.

The city oversees four parks. Each park was described and what was available at that location. The newest addition was the Splash Park. It has been very popular, especially with the warm weather. The upcoming skate park is in the works.

The club members were challenged to suggest what future activities could be added to draw older citizens to use the park. Suggestions were given.

Following the afternoon presentation, a brief business meeting was conducted. Eighteen members answered roll call by suggesting a good summer “read.”

Next month hostesses will be Susan Henry and Sharon Breckel. The theme will be back to school with members bringing school supplies to be donated.

President Henry thanked this year’s officers with a gift. The meeting was adjourned. Avonelle Williams and Nancy Williams then conducted an installation of officer’s ceremony. They used the yearlong theme of the new president which will be Friendship.

The officers inducted for the 2017-2018 club year were: President Jean Singleton, Vice President Nancy Jones, Secretary Sharon Breckel, Treasurer Jane Walker and Sunshine Joan Burge.

Members present and not previously mentioned were Daphne Blackburn, Lois Hackney, Mildred Hoskins, Anne Lynch, Barbara Ostermeir, Judy Sargent, Helen Starkey and Connie Townsend.

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Pictured are Susan Henry and guest speaker Mary Ann Raizk.
https://www.wnewsj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/22/2017/09/web1_english-club.jpgPictured are Susan Henry and guest speaker Mary Ann Raizk. Courtesy photo

By The English Club