Businesses help kids get back to school

United Way of Clinton County partners with local agencies each year to help serve more than 20,000 people in our community. Its focus can change from year to year, based on the needs of our community.

Last year, they started a Community Initiative program in local schools, teaming up with employees of local businesses to do a personal hygiene program. The United Way learned that there are several students at all of our local schools that are in need of personal hygiene products. There are kids that do not get these needs met at home.

Each elementary school provides a supply closet to keep the personal hygiene products for those students. The students may come to school each morning and use the products before they start their busy day.

This year, they continued the program, and again members of our community stepped up to help out the kids by filling baskets for each of the schools.

United Way of Clinton County thanks the employees of Wilmington Medical Associates, Holiday Inn Roberts Centre, The Cutting Room and Adel M. Tawadros DDS MPH, for their generous gifts. Your donations helped make a huge difference in the lives of many of the children right here in our community.

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These are some of the items provided for the personal hygiene program. are some of the items provided for the personal hygiene program. Courtesy photo

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