Options raised for dealing with Dakins Chapel speed limit

By Gary Huffenberger - ghuffenberger@wnewsj.com

SABINA — If property owners along a stretch of Dakins Chapel Road don’t want their land annexed into the Village of Sabina, there’s at least one alternative action that, if accomplished, would enable town leaders to reduce the speed limit there.

Brian Floyd, a resident along the stretch of Dakins Chapel Road that’s in question, attended the Thursday night village council meeting and urged Sabina officials to get the speed limit there cut back from the current 55 mph to 35 mph for safety reasons.

Noting he has two small children, ages 8 and 5, who play in the front yard a lot, Floyd said of the traffic, “They fly up and down that road. From Corner Pizza on, they’re going more than 55 mph half the time.”

Sabina Mayor Dean Hawk said if the annexation possibility does not happen, then he is open to doing an alternative course of action — namely, petitioning the county to bring that part of the county road itself (but not the land) into the village. That would give village officials control of the street and the authority to change the speed limit.

Hawk said it is not yet clear whether the property owners would go along with annexation — an option the mayor likes because he regards the land as a prime place for building nice houses.

Kevin Bean, who is a Wayne Township trustee, was in the council chambers audience Thursday night. He said the township board of trustees has in the past contacted the Clinton County Engineer’s Office and had favorable results with reducing some speed limits in and around Lees Creek where there is an area with children.

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By Gary Huffenberger