Clinton-Massie Middle School principal lauds staff ‘value-added’ scores

By Gary Huffenberger -

ADAMS TOWNSHIP — The Clinton-Massie Middle School principal highlighted student attendance and teachers’ ratings in the “value-added category” during Thursday night’s board of education session.

Attendance among middle school students is at an outstanding 97 percent, reported Principal Joe Hollon.

A teacher’s value-added rating stems from measuring the growth of students, starting from where a student is in a subject area when a teacher first gets them in class, and how far along the students progress under that teacher’s guidance.

Eight of 17 middle school teachers who have value-added scores or ratings received a score of 5 on a 1-to-5 scale, with a 5 designating a teacher as “Most Effective,” Hollon said.

A score of 3 basically says that teacher was able to get his or her students to make a year’s worth of growth — so a 3 means a teacher has done what he or she is supposed to do as a teacher. A score of 5 is two steps above that, he said.

“Really awesome; I am very pleased with that,” remarked Hollon of the eight teachers with 5s.

He gave special mention to the group of eighth-grade teachers at the middle school who have value-added scores: Each one of them has a 5 rating.

Those include a science teacher, a math teacher and two language arts teachers.

Hollon also reported to the board that mathematics continues to be a focus. All middle school students receive at least one full period of extra math instruction per week, he said.

In addition, there is a full-time Title math teacher this year, whereas last year there was a part-time Title math teacher, said Hollon. Title services are provided to students performing below grade level, according to an education website.

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By Gary Huffenberger