Politician: Cleavage in Congress ‘invitation’ for harassment

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. representative from Ohio is complaining about the cleavage in Congress.

Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur has told members of her caucus that revealing clothes worn by staffers and some members of Congress are an “invitation” for sexual harassment. She says she’s seen a member this week with cleavage so deep “it was down to the floor.”

Kaptur is the longest-serving member in the Ohio delegation. Her remarks were first reported by Politico after a private Democratic caucus meeting on Wednesday.

Kaptur subsequently issued a statement saying her office became a “refuge” for mistreated female staffers when she was first elected. She says it’s something she carries “to this day” and she brought it up during the caucus meeting.

Her statement says “under no circumstances” is harassment a victim’s fault.