Mom of boy who shot sister pleads not guilty to indictment

ASHLAND, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio woman accused of returning to work after her 8-year-old son repeatedly shot and wounded his 4-year-old sister at home has been indicted on child-endangering and evidence-tampering charges and pleaded not guilty.

An Ashland County judge declined a request Tuesday to adjust 27-year-old Alyssa Edwards’ bond, which blocks contact with her children during the case.

Prosecutors oppose allowing contact and say they don’t want the children to be improperly influenced as witnesses.

Prosecutors say Edwards checked the girl’s injuries after the March 3 shooting at her Hayesville home in north-central Ohio, and then returned to work at a horse farm and didn’t take the girl to a hospital until hours after the shooting.

They say the girl is no longer hospitalized and is in the custody of children’s services.