Wilmington tornado sirens will have a different sound Saturday; here’s why

News Journal

WILMINGTON — Wilmington tornado sirens will sound a little different on Saturday.

When the communications section sets off the tornado sirens this Saturday for the monthly test, you will notice a new sound. Due to a much-needed upgrade, the sirens will now set tones for a tornado warning, followed by a new sound for a hazardous material warning, and then an all clear, according to a press release from the City of Wilmington.

Now that the system has been upgraded, it will allow the communications center to better serve the community. The new system will trigger the tornado sirens from the weather service, freeing up dispatchers to answer phones.

In the case of a hazardous material spill or some type of situation where air quality may be contaminated, dispatchers can set off a new siren with a specific sound to alert residents to go indoors. This new feature is only available inside the city limits.

City residents will notice this new tone on Saturday, and it will be the second tone set off.

“We encourage residents to take a listen, as this new tone will be part of the monthly test moving forward. We will continue to educate citizens of the new tone as we take advantage of the upgraded technology to help our citizens be safe.“


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